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KAPLAN Curriculum

For preschool, we use Kaplan Early Learning curriculum. This curriculum is all about preschoolers and it includes more than 1,300 activities that we can use with our preschool kiddos. There are 36 units that cover literacy, math, social studies, science, and art so that your child can broaden their academic horizons in preparation for kindergarten.

Brightwheel/Procare Management

We use the Brightwheel and Procare platforms to help parents stay connected with their children. These two applications help us manage check-ins, payments, and make notes of how your child is doing throughout the day.


Our infant program is designed to be safe and secure for the littlest kiddos. We emphasize interaction with caregivers in this program and attempt to maintain your schedule to the best of our ability. We focus on the following things, and more, with your infant:

  • Adherence to your schedule as closely as possible
  • Indoor and outdoor play time
  • Exposure to new sounds, textures, and sights
  • Reading many books and singing songs
  • Encouraging children to imitate sounds and faces

Younger Toddlers

Toddlers just want to go, and that can be both a fun and stressful stage! Our toddler classroom is designed with this age-appropriate development in mind. This space encourages exploration both inside and outside as they paint, dance, climb, and jump to new heights. We also focus on the following things for younger toddlers:

  • Sign language basics
  • Self-comforting tactics
  • Proper speech and grammar modeled from caregivers
  • Teaching new words
  • Encouraging sounds and words for basic needs

Older Toddlers

As toddlers start to grow and learn more, they become more ready for certain academic skills. These toddlers aren’t quite ready for a mildly-structured program like preschool, but they’re certainly showing signs of being interested in learning like the older kids. During this stage, we focus on participation, comparison, diversity, and more.

In our program for older toddlers, our goal is to start preparing your child for preschool. This includes things like:

  • Matching and sorting games
  • Asking children to participate in story time
  • Singing and signing together
    Frequent potty breaks for children that show readiness
  • Daily choice to play alone or with other children
  • Stepping stools and items within reach to promote independence


When it’s time to get your kiddo into preschool, you can enroll them here with Social Circle Daycare & Learning Academy; especially if they’ve grown up here with us, preschool will be a breeze! Our preschool curriculum we use focuses on the following areas to give your child a well-rounded peek at what kindergarten and grade school will focus on. We use Kaplan Early Learning curriculum with our preschool kids, and we find that they engage incredibly well with it. Plus, we emphasize physical activity and time outside too!

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Art